What to Expect

Hydromulching costs a fraction more than the old method of dry seeding and gives a better result faster. Your new lawn will be sprayed on using a protective mulch covering which is green in appearance.

A special blend of hydro seed will be used that has been chosen to meet the conditions and requirements of your area.  Germination time will depend on the weather and consistency of watering after the hydro seeding application. Watering is crucial to keep the young seeds alive.

Your hydromulch has fertiliser blended into it to give the young seedlings the nutrients they require to successfully germinate, however you still need to apply a slow release fertiliser monthly until your lawn is well established, after which you can scale back fertilizer application to about 4 times a year in conjunction with weed control.

Once your new lawn has been hydromulched it is wonderfully easy to manage. All that is required is regular watering, mowing and feeding.  The first 21 days are very important as the germinating seedlings cannot be allowed to dry out or they will die.

Pre Hydromulching Check & Prep

Preparation is the key to having a successful healthy lawn!

  • You need at least 100mm of good quality soil, anything less than this will give you a sub standard root structure that will struggle to get established. The soil cannot be packed down solid or the roots won’t be able to penetrate through the surface, and your grass will die.
  • It is a good idea to get your soil analysed by a registered soil technician to establish if it needs any treatments added during the preparation stage of the hydromulching job.
  • You should ensure you have drainage to your site to avoid ponding of water.
  • Your soil should be lightly scarified on the surface for best  hydro seeding results.