What is Grass Seeding?

Hydromulch Grass Seeding, sometimes known as hydroseeding or Spray on Grass, is a one step method incorporating the spreading of seed, fertilizer, cellulose fibre, wood fibre, green dye and envirotack, in one efficient application.

Hydroseeding otherwise known as hydromulch is an excellent alternative to the traditional process of broadcast (dry) seeding.

There are multiple benefits to opting for hydro seed over dry seed:

  • Holds soil firmly in place
  • Faster germination
  • Improved moisture retention
  • Better seed-to-soil contact
  • Hydroseed mulch doesn’t contain weed seed (unlike hay or straw)
  • Grass seeding provides better results
  • Nothing left to remove once process is complete (no straw or netting)
  • Awkward areas like hillside and narrow spots which present dry seeding difficulties can easily be taken care of by hydro seeding.
  • Simple one-step process

How Does Grass Hydro Seeding Work?

All the materials are mixed in the hydromulching tank. The resulting slurry formula is then sprayed over the targeted areas of soil, priming it for revegetation by providing a highly beneficial micro-environment which retains moisture for optimum seed germination.

Hydroseeding (hydromulching) (aka Spray on Grass) is a highly effective way of establishing grass for new lawns, subdivisions, banks, batters, and service trenches.